Terms Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hotel Policy
1. Non Smoking Room. Smoking is strictly not allowed in the premises especially in the
rooms otherwise the security deposit will not be refunded and the RM50 will be utilised
as smoke cleaning fees for the room.
2. Unauthorised parking cars would be clamped, the release fee is RM50 charged by
*Basement private parking fee is RM2 for the 1st hour and RM1 for every subsequent
hours.RM12.10 per day (if you only drive out from the car park after parking 24-hour, it
will be considered as one day).
3. Free one private car parking for Premium room types only. All other room types park
using their own TnGo card in the basement car park.
4. Standard check in time is 3pm. Standard check out time is 12pm. Late check out fee
is (RM10 per hour).
5. Cash security deposit of RM50 upon check-in for each room, balance deposit will be
refunded upon your check-out thru kiosk machine.